Paul’s Plum tree survived! It is still in a state of shock but having dropped all of its’ leaves, Colin spotted that it has now started to replace them.

We really could do with some more support. It may not be apparent from the picture but Paul’s tree is not the only thing that is growing. Potatoes are in flower, corn has set ears, the other stuff we planted to growing well BUT so are the weeds! We have been doing a lot of necessary work on hard standing and the weeds are getting out of control.

The good news is that we are now the proud owners of a really good shed. Some grant money became available to us, so we invested it wisely. The shed was built to order with double doors to allow access for those with mobility problems. A ramp will be provided A.S.A.P.

As well as the shed we have purchased some tools to enable more people to get involved. Will you be one of them? Please! We are there most Tuesdays and Fridays for about two hours from 10 a.m. Please check with Colin before you go. If we are not going to be present you can get the shed key and work away on your own – or bring a friend.


We were lucky enough to meet a farmer who agreed to rotavate the allotment at a special rate for us. Once rotavated the next step was to put up some fence posts as our neighbours were using our plot to drive over to get to their own. Paul’s Plum tree arrived and was planted. It had been pulled out of the ground so we can only hope that it will recover for next year.
30/05/2017 Let planting commence !!!
Three rows of 20 Potatoes
Six Rows of Onions
Three Rows of Leeks
A late and an early Rhubarb
Two Sweetcorn
Broad Beans
Coriander, Flat leaf Parsley and Chives

We now need volunteers to help look after the plants and to further develop the allotment