Catherine Black

Catherine is the Community Development and Planning Officer.

David Meek met her at a function and shared our problems about obtaining a suitable premises to meet at. She said she would come to have a chat with us.

We had an open forum where our members chatted freely to her about our frustration with the council who seem detirmined to NOT let us have access to the Ranger’s facility even though it has been agreed with the football club.

We provided quite a few examples of completed projects to demonstrate the many talents that our members possess and want to share with others if we only had premises to do so.

We also made her aware of our community involvement with Model Primary School and Carrickfergus Manor.

Catherine listened intently. She was honest in telling us that she was not able to promise to solve our problem because premises of the type we seek are not easy to obtain. However she did make a commitment to help as much as she is able and to “make the journey as painless as possible”.

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