The Jungle

A remarkable day out with few other Men’s Sheds. Pictured here at the end of the day along with Janine and her colleague Pamela who organised the event. The day was arranged as part of Men’s Health Week hosted by South Antrim Community Network and funded by Public Health Agency. Naturally some segments were more obviously health related and others were just great fun.

Activities included:

Basic Health Check: Pharmacy assistants were available to check blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It was a worthwhile activity since at least two of the men were advised to make urgent appointments with their G.P. for treatment.

Laughter Yoga: Can’t help it men – I thought they were having a laugh! But apparently this is a bona fide form of Yoga (Hasyayoga) Check it out at Laughter Yoga University.

Team Building: We were divided into two teams to add a little bit of friendly competition to the exercises. There was a multi-person ski race, a ground ladder race and some large puzzles of a size that a dozen people could stand round and cogitate over, and more.

Lunch: The usual burger and chips prepared at an outdoor kitchen. Basic food but eaten enthusiastically after the morning’s activities. Made even tastier by the fact that it was provided F.O.C. – our favourite price.

Finally we had a go at Clay Pigeons.

Truly a most enjoyable day. Read the fullĀ jungle_report with pictures.

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